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“Mogara Phulala” Marathi Movie crosses 1 crore on Box Office on the releasing weekend

Main casts of the ‘Mograa Phulaalaa’ consists of the on-screen romance king Swapnil Joshi and superior actress Neena Kulkarni seem to manage the cinema chemistry well as received by the audience. The film released on 14th June and started a bomb collect Rs.37.5 Lakh opening on Friday. And Rs. 56.2 Lakhs of the second day, Saturday 15th of June. Although there was an India-Pak world cup match on Sunday, 16th June and still the ‘Mogra Phulaalaa’ made a huge collection of Rs. 51.5 Lakhs. 

All together the Marathi film crossed 1crore on the weekend of release and collects 1.45 crore in three days. This is something one of the considerably huge achievements for Marathi cinemas. Does this mean that the Marathi cinema industry is coming with valuable ingredients for the Marathi film industry to grow? 


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